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The Associated Press Interviews Jim Walden about WADA Ruling that Russia Doctored Doping Data; Walden Calls Allegations Against his Client a "Farce"

Associated Press

The Associated Press interviewed Managing Partner Jim Walden about the WADA ruling that Russia doctored doping data and calls allegations against his clients a “farce.”

Rodchenkov’s lawyer told the AP the new allegation against his client is a “farce.”

“Rodchenkov could not and did not log into the LIMS database,” Jim Walden told The Associated Press. “We are not aware of anyone else that logged in. The point is that this is all a charade.”

The AP article continues:

Before the handover, WADA had its own copy of the database for comparison, provided in secret by an unnamed whistleblower. Russia says the source was Rodchenkov, something his lawyer denies.

Petrenko protested that “foreign partners” hadn’t made Rodchenkov available for questioning.

“This is just another Russian lie,” Walden told the AP. “They know where I am. I haven’t received a single request for an interview.”

With Russia planning a legal challenge to WADA’s sporting sanctions, the next step for Rodchenkov could be testifying at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the spring. His lawyer said he’s ready.

“If WADA or any other agency needs Grigory to testify, Grigory will uphold his promise to cooperate fully to help atone for his role,” Walden said.

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